Monday, May 14, 2007

Yaghoob and Forogho Saltane

I wrote this for my cousin , Ehsan. when my friends read it, they liked it . I 'm sharing it in my blog.I hope you enjoy it as well.

I am a lonely boy, living alone in this city, far away from my family. This is my first semester in this university and I had never lived alone in my nineteen years of living, so I have problems with my new situation.
One of the problems of being alone is that I have to do everything by myself. Nobody takes care of me any more. There is no mom, no dad, and not even a younger brother here to do my things. I have to wash my things myself, cook my meals, and clean the house, and a lot of other things. I have to do all of these things myself! And do you think I can do all of these perfectly?! Ofcourse not!!! For example I get home at 7 o’clock in the afternoon. I am tired, dirty, and hungry. Then I start thinking:” First of all I have to take a bath. No! Prepare something to eat. No! First I sleep, when I get up I do these things. No! I have to study! Ohhhhhhhhhh! How can I do all of these things?!” And do you know what happens? I eat bread while I am taking a shower, and I am thinking about my lessons! Suddenly I hear a sound and that is my washing machine that had been washing my clothes without water! I had forgotten to turn the fauset on! Then I smell something, ohhhhhh no the only thing that I had to eat does not exist any more! I burnt the dinner! And that is when I have to go and buy eggs from the supermarket. I get dressed and go out angrily. But then I become happy. I remember that I am not really alone and I have “Forogho Saltane” and “Yaghoob”! They are the only creatures living with me in the house. Then I go to Forogho Saltane and ask her if she could help me to eat something for dinner. And you know what I see? I see her kind face and hear her lovely voice that says:” Yes, dear ehsan come and take my newborn child. Take him and eat him. You are the one who takes care of me and my lovely husband Yaghoob. I will have more children!“ yes that’s when I come into the house and heat the pan untill it is hot enough to fry Forogho Saltane’ newborn child. Then I pour the oil in the pan and…I break the eggs in it!
Yes that is me living alone in this city ohh I am sorry. That is me living with two other lovely creatures the kind “Forogho Saltane”(my hen) and her dear husband “Yaghoob”!!!!!!!

The Folks Inside

Inside you, boy,
There’s an old man sleepin’,
Dreamin’, waitin’ for his chance.
Inside you, girl,
There’s an old lady dozin’,
Wantin’ to show you a slower dance.
So keep on playin’,
Keep on runnin’,
Keep on jumpin’,til the day
That those old folks
Down inside you
Wake up…and come out to play

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Here I stand with my son,
my car Franklin, and me.
What am I doing?
I am never going to get out of the dust.
But I can’t stay here forever.
I can’t just rot out here like an old carcass.
All my life I have lived in dust.
How every time the wind blew, the dust danced around you.
I am not going to die out here from this miserable drought.
I’ve never seen grass in so long.
Never seen the forest green trees
The birds chirp like beautiful music
The wonderful smells of the beautiful daisies and roses
Or the taste of the fresh bisquits and mashed potatoes.
What happened?
After pushing my car for about an hour,
I think I can’t leave this place,
This dusty dry Oklahama panhandle is just a place I like to call Home.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

No More Meat!

Eating meat has some advantages and some disadvantages. Some people's meals contain meat and some others don't. The second group is called vegetarians. People become vegetarian for different reasons, such as religious reasons, health, fad, economic, or moral reasons (against the killing of animals). Whatever their reason is, these people are healthier.

Meat has more disadvantages than advantages especially red meat. Vegetarian diets are healthier. Most vegetarian diets contain lower total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol, which decrease the incident of heart disease. A research in US shows that, Vegetarians in the U.S. have a lower incidence of heart disease than nonvegetarians. And that's because vegetarian diets are low in fat.

Vegetarians also have a lower incident of high blood pressure and a lower rate of Type 2 diabetes than do nonvegetarians. And this is also because of the lower fat and more fiber in the vegetarian diets. Fibers help to decrease cholestrol (too much of which) is not good for heath.

Vegetarians (according to another research in U.S) have lower rates of death from colon cancer than nonvegetarians. This is also because of the increased fiber intake, decreased fat, and increased amounts of fruits and vegetables in the diet. There's also some evidence that vegetarians suffer less from osteoporosis, kidney stones, gallstones, and diverticular disease.

Vegetarian diets are very healthy diets, which can prevent people from getting maladies such as heart troubles, high blood pressure and colon cancer. So if you desire to be healthier than you are, don't eat meat!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Three Stings

George got stung by a bee and said,
“I wouldn’t have got stung if I’d stayed in bed.”
Fred got stung and we heard him roar,
“What am I being punished for?”
Lew got stung and we heard him say,
“I learned somethin’ about bees today.”

Shab_e Yalda
Shab_e Yalda (Yalda Night) is the last night of the Persian month Azar, the last month of the fall, and the day after is the first day of the Persian month Day, the first month of the winter. Iranians celebrate this night because it is the longest night of the year.

Another name for this night is “Sab_e Cheleh” this name is because this night is Forty days before the next major Persian festival, acording to zarasterians, "Jashn e Sadeh ". The start of the solar year has been marked to celebrate the victory of light over darkness and the renewal of the Sun. O n this night, the longest night of the year, the forces of “Ahriman”, The Evil, are assumed to be at the peak of their strength. While the next day, the first day of the month "Day" is known as "khoram rooz" or "khore rooz" (the day of sun) belongs to Ahura Mazda, the Lord of Wisdom. Since the days are getting longer and the nights shorter, this day marks the victory of Sun over the darkness.

There are certain things to be eaten on this night. Iranians have certain dried nuts mixed called “Ajeal_e Shab_e Yalda” which is diferent from the “Ajeal” which is served in the New Year. “Ajeal_e Shab_e Yalda” consits of roasted seeds, peanut, almond, hazel_nut, raisins and dried fruits such as, fig. Other things to be served on this night are pamegranate and watermelon. It is believed that if someone eats pamegranate and watermelon on this night he or she will no catch a cold during the winter.

There are many customs for this night. On this night families, relatives and friends get together to celebrate the longest night of the year. They chat, tell stories, read poems from“Divan of Hafez”. They consult “Divan of Hafez” this action is called “fall”.Hafez is strongly believed by Iranians to tell the truth. On this night most of people stay up late to benefit the longest night of the year for being together more and enjoying their time together.

This night celebrated in Iran is my favorite Iranian custom because it is usually the best night of my year beside my wonderful family members. In the contrary of the cold weather outside there is cozy and warm place inside which I love. I am looking forward to the next Shab_eYalda.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

George said,”God is short and fat.”’
Nick said,”No, He is tall and lean.”
Led said,”With a long white beard.”
“No,”said John,” He’s shaven clean.”
Will said,”He’s black,”Bob said, “He’s white.”
Rhonda Rose said,”He’s a She.”
I smiled but never showed ‘em all
The autographed photograph God sent to me.